How we work

We start of by connecting launchers, temporary bends, valves and hoses at the in- and outlet flanges of the concerning furnaces. A connection to the fire water system is made and the drain for the wastewater is set up from the TSC-unit to the sewer. Than the actual pigging begins by filling the system with water and performing a flow test. This flow test gives an indication of the amount of pollution in the system and it functions as the first of two measurements to determine the flow improvement. Then a tracer pig is pushed through the coils. The tracer pig will detect any obstacles which have been left in place in the coil before a regular cleaning pig is launched. When the tracer pig has travelled through the entire system, the first cleaning pig is launched. We have different types of pigs available in order to adjust to the refinery’s wishes as well as adapt to the type of fouling in the system. By using increasing dimensions of pigs and finishing with another tracer pig, all cokes will be removed. After the final flow test the coil can be dewatered on request and all our equipment will be removed.