Pigging uses a pressure-driven water flow to push a cleaning pig through the coils and clean the system. Pigging is a safe and swift method to clean a system with the best possible results. Other cleaning methods often involve high risk for the installation and crew while results are not always satisfactory. Those other methods often use high pressure, extremely high temperatures, compressed gasses or even “controlled” fires and explosions. Also very aggressive chemicals are still being used in the process of cleaning pipelines, in spite of the damage to the environment these chemicals cause. Pigging, on the other hand does not use high pressure or high temperatures to clean a system. Mostly the water pressure lies between the 3 and 15 bar and the water we use is at ambient temperature. This shows that pigging is a safe way to clean an installation. Also pigging has proven to give the most satisfactory results. This makes pigging the best solution for cleaning installations.