Turbinate offers two types of inspection after the pigging: endoscopy and ultrasonic inspection.


For the endoscopy we use our own camera tool. This camera inspection is in full colour and can be recorded on DVD.

Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging

For ultrasonic inspection Turbinate partners with Quest Integrity Group. Together we provide an “intelligent pigging service” with the use of a Furnace Tube Inspection System (FTIS). With this FTIS the wall thickness and any deformations on all the tubes in a coil can be measured. This intelligent pig is capable of negotiating unlimited short radius 1.0D 180-degree return bends and pipe lengths up to 100 km can be inspected in a single run. The inspection tool is applicable for tube dimensions in a range from 3 to 14 inch for furnace tube coils and from 3 to 20 inch for pipelines and process piping.
During the inspection engineers from Quest will be on site to program and calibrate the tool before each run. After each run they will download and analyse the collected data. The inspection results will be available for the client within 24 hours after inspection. In this process Turbinate will be responsible for guiding the tool through the coils of the furnace. We will use the same equipment as we use for the mechanical cleaning of the furnace. To obtain good readings with the inspection tool a clean furnace is a must.